Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser

xiaomi automatic foam soap dispenser

Take better care of your and your family’s health with the Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser! Choose this modern dispenser for the bathroom, kitchen or your work space! Are you interested in personal and family hygiene ? Thanks to the touch-free sensor, you’ll reduce the risk of coming into contact with any impurities! The advantages of … Read more Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser

Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

wifi smart bulb shelly duo e27 9w xiaomi aqara

Brighten your home with warm or cold dimmable light and create the desired ambiance in any room! Use a Smart Wi-Fi Bulb and give individuality to your home without needing a Hub! Do you want to make your home smart but don’t want to complicate yourself with standards like Zigbee, Z-Wave or other connections ? … Read more Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

Zigbee Vibration Sensor

zigbee vibration sensor xiaomi aqara

Does your child have a restless sleep ? Find out right away when he’s awake with the help of a Zigbee Vibration Sensor! Do you want to keep your valuables safe ? Use this sensor and always be up to date when any changes occur! The Zigbee Vibration Sensor can be connected to a Zigbee … Read more Zigbee Vibration Sensor

Working from home? Track room temperature and humidity

Are you working from home ? Tiredness is catching up ? You can’t focus in completing your tasks ? Use smart technology to be able to work from home in the best conditions! Buy a Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display, round and create the right environment so working from home can be … Read more Working from home? Track room temperature and humidity

Smart Home Setup, on a budget

smart home on a budget

Do you want to turn your house into a smart home with a limited budget? The automations in a smart home allow you to control many smart accessories and devices from wherever you are. If you’re on a budget, you can still improve the comfort of your home in a very simple way. Technology has … Read more Smart Home Setup, on a budget

Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display

xiaomi aqara bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor round square with lcd display

Do you want more confort in your house ? Enjoy at home the best conditions for you and your family with the help of a round Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display. The Bluetooth sensor helps you keep track of the relative temperature and humidity in a room and can be used at … Read more Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display

Touch water pumps

tsd touch water pumps xiaomi xiaoda

Use the touch water pump from Xiaomi and simplify your life! The two models of water pumps, simple or with a TDS water quality display, are a perfect choice for the office and also for your home. A fast alternative to pump water and also an eco-friendly choice. The touch water pump can be installed … Read more Touch water pumps

Zigbee Magic Cube Controller

xiaomi aqara intelligent magic cube zigbee controller

A smart home can easily be upgraded with smart choices like the Zigbee Magic Cube Controller from Xiaomi. It will enable you to control lights and other smart devices, or start complex scenarios in a simple and fast way. White, with a pleasant appearance, it easily blends into any design and its multiple actions let … Read more Zigbee Magic Cube Controller