Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display

Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display

Do you want more confort in your house ? Enjoy at home the best conditions for you and your family with the help of a round Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display.

The Bluetooth sensor helps you keep track of the relative temperature and humidity in a room and can be used at home or at the office.

Why do you need this smart TH sensor ?

  • healthier life: choose to have proper temperature and humidity in the spaces you mostly spend time in! You will be able to eliminate/reduce some health problems. You can improve your respiratory system, get rid of allergies all by having the correct values for temperature and humidity.
  • real time monitoring;
  • application connection: can be setup using a mobile phone and configured with a Xiaomi Mi/Aqara Gateway. On the mobile app, it will display the temperature and humidity only while in the bluetooth range of the phone.
  • pleasant design: it easily fits in any room and can be placed on furniture and even be mounted anywhere with the help of the magnetic system.
  • easily create smart scenes: when the room temperature goes over the value you chose, start the air conditioner. If the humidity value is too low (below 45%), start the humidifier.


  • can detect temperatures between -10 and +60 degrees Celsius (+/- 0.3 degrees Celsius);
  • detects humidity over a range of 0 – 100% relative humidity (+/- 0.3 percent);
  • it can be included in automations, but will only generate updates when it’s within phone range;
  • LCD display with battery status indicator;
  • portable, magnetic, mounting bracket included;
  • includes an AAA battery with low energy consumption, which in optimal usage conditions can last up for an year.

Make an upgrade to your home with a Bluetooth square temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display which can improve the quality of your life and your house will arrive at your needed confort.

Don’t forget to also include in your home other smart sensors that can make your life easier!

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