Connecting the Xiaomi Aqara Gateway Zigbee Hub

Connecting the Xiaomi Aqara Gateway Zigbee Hub

The Hub is the brain of your smart home and manages the smart components that make your life easier! Add a Hub to your home and you’ll feel an improvement in the quality of your life !

What are the benefits ?

  • win more time, save electricity, prevent incidents and take care of your family’s safety and home security!
  • create scenarios that make your life at home much more enjoyable: more organized and simple routines!
  • you get alerts when changes occur in the house or according to your preferences: doors/windows that open when they shouldn’t, when a water leak occurs or smoke is detected, when temperature or humidity values change and much more!

Step 1: Installation

Download and install the Mi Home app from here:

Step 2: Select the region Chinese Mainland and Create an account in the application, if you don’t have one already.

Step 3: Connect the Aqara Hub to a power source: connect the Hub to a plug, wait for 20-30 seconds until it turns on and then press and hold the Hub button until the yellow light starts to flash continuously. Make sure that your phone is connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Tip: The Hub should be positioned somewhere at the center of the house so it can be as close as possible to all intelligent components. If you need to increase the range, you can always add another Hub.

Step 4: Scan for the Hub: After authentication, press the “+” located in the upper right corner. In the new window you choose to turn on Bluetooth and allow access to the Location.

Step 5: Choose the Hub and wait for it to be connected: From the list of components that appear as available, choose the Hub. Then it is automatically connected to the device to the router.

Step 6: Choose the room in which you want to place the Hub.

tutorial connecting the xiaomi aqara gateway zigbee hub applehome compatible

For iOS, you only have one extra step to take: Scan the code on the Hub or box when the application requires it, to pair the hub with HomeKit.

Step 7: Connect smart devices to the Hub.

Click the Aqara Hub and then select what interests you: “Guard settings” for the general settings of the Hub, where you choose a program for scenarios, alert tones and light settings.

To connect smart components to the Hub, click on “Child device”.

Under your Hub you’ll see the list of components that are already connected. To add a new one, click on the “+” located in the lower right corner of the screen.

A list of components opens and you cand choose what you want to connect to the Hub.

tutorial connecting sensors buttons to xiaomi aqara gateway zigbee hub

Once you have connected the desired components, they will be displayed under Hub in a list. For each component you can then create scenarios such as IF condition DO action.

Now you’re ready for automating your home ! Choose as many sensors, bulbs, sockets or buttons that will help you to have a modern and easy-to-control home !

tutorial connecting sensors buttons to xiaomi aqara gateway zigbee hub

Improve the comfort of your home in a very simple way! Use modern technology in your daily routine and experience living at another level !

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