Smart Home Setup, on a budget

Smart Home Setup, on a budget

Do you want to turn your house into a smart home with a limited budget? The automations in a smart home allow you to control many smart accessories and devices from wherever you are. If you’re on a budget, you can still improve the comfort of your home in a very simple way.

Technology has come a long way and now you have a wide range of smart gadgets to choose from. The good news is that most of them don’t require installation with the help of a specialist, so you can do it yourself!

To make your search easier, we come up with the best solutions for you! We offer you basic kits and components that will help you simplify your life at home or at the office.

1. Smart Hub

The first step for creating a smart home is choosing a Hub that fits your budget. Buy a Xiaomi Aqara Gateway Zigbee Hub, Apple HomeKit compatible with sound and light alarm!

The Hub will be the brain of your Smart Home, it integrates with Apple HomeKit (your accessories can be part of HomeKit and Shortcuts automations) and uses the Zigbee protocol, so you can connect sensors, accessories and other compatible smart devices that can then be used in automations.

It’s easy to install, the pairing is fastly done in 10 seconds, it has a sound and light alarm function and it works locally (if you have an unstable internet connection, the smart scenarios will continue their activity through the Zigbee protocol).

From a distance, the Hub can be easily controlled through its own Android and iOS application, but also through HomeKit if you have a homekit gateway in your home (Apple TV, Apple Home Pod etc).

The Hub allows you to use your imagination and create interesting scenarios to obtain the comfort you want at home. You can read more information in the special article about the Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Gateway Hub.

2. Smart Bulbs

The Hub you choose will be connected with various smart accessories suitable for your home, such as smart bulbs. You can start connecting bulbs for the rooms you use most often: the hall and the living room.

Choose a Zigbee Smart Bulb and you can easily adjust the light intensity in the room (between 0 and 100%) and the temperature of the light (from 2700K: warm / white light to 6500K: white-blueish / cold light).

When you come home, the light turns on as soon as you enter the door. It’s easy to customize the light in each room depending on the time of day and the activities you do: movie (lights off), reading a book (warm low light), cooking (intense cold light) etc.

Replace old / classic bulbs with smart bulbs and you’ll save money! Configure the LED bulbs to turn off on their own when there is no movement in the room and the power consumption will decrease.

3. Smart Accessories

Keep improving your smart home automation kit with buttons and sensors!

Smart buttons come in various types (buttons, switches, cubes etc.), they have different sizes and shapes (square or round).
Easily configure their actions: with a short press, a double press, long press, shake, rotate, push etc. you create comfort at home and save time.

Choose small round / square buttons! They can be placed anywhere (even on furniture), taking up little space.

Don’t forget about the switches! Place them near the door, on the furniture or bedside table and you will have immediate control over your smart home (eg turn off the lights in the whole house when you go to bed).


The Zigbee Motion and Light Sensor shouldn’t be missing from your home: it helps you with the automation of lights and allows you to increase the number of scenarios suited for your needs (turn on / off lights depending on the presence / absence of movement in a room).

Position the sensor in a place that will better determine the presence of movement in a room (on furniture, near doors etc.).

The Zigbee Door / Window Sensor detects if the doors or windows are closed or open (contact distance: 22 millimeters).

Do you want the lights to turn on in the lobby when you come home ? This is the perfect solution! Also, you’ll stop worrying about intruders: the sensor will protect your home in a better way!

Start with the automation of the lights in your home! Choose the smart kits specially prepared for you and take the first steps towards a smart home.

With time you’ll be able to integrate other bulbs, buttons, sensors, plugs, relays and accessories into your smart system. If you have a bigger house, you can add a new Hub for each floor.

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