Mi Gateway Hub 3, Zigbee & Bluetooth

Mi Gateway Hub 3, Zigbee & Bluetooth

Control your smart home in a simple way: use a Mi Gateway Hub 3, Zigbee & Bluetooth, Apple HomeKit compatible!

The Mi Gateway Hub is the brain of your smart home: it connects all smart devices with each other and allows you to control them with your phone.

Xiaomi Gateway Hub Benefits

  • it integrates with Apple HomeKit: your accessories can be a part of the HomeKit and Shortcuts automations;
  • Zigbee communication (v2.0 and v3.0) and Bluetooth : you can connect sensors, accessories and other compatible smart devices and you can use them in automations;
  • phone control: the phone turns into a remote control, allowing the control of all your smart devices, from locks and lights to sockets. The options are endless! Use a mobile app that suits you: Mi Home APP (Android and iOS) or Apple Home Kit (iOS 10.3 or newer);

Attention! To be able to connect the application to Android, you must select from Settings, China area (in older versions called China Mainland). The application is available in English.

Xiaomi Aqara Mi Gateway Hub 3 v2020 Zigbee Bluetooth Apple HomeKit compatible
  • supports voice control via Siri, when configured using the Home Kit application;
  • easy extension of the cover range: supports voice control via Siri, when configured using the Home Kit application. Add another Hub/gateway if you want to extend the signal to another floor;
  • easy to install: connect to a power source, in the application press “+” to add a new Hub and at the end you are ready to add sensors and smart devices;
  • pairing in a few seconds: press 3 times, quickly, on the hub button; after the light on the hub flashes purple, long press (5s) on the sensor button, until the light flashes blue 3 times. Congratulations, your sensor is now connected!
  • local operation: stores the routines and conditions set for automation. So when the internet connection is interrupted and the control via phone becomes impossible, most smart devices Xiaomi Mi or Xiaomi Aqara in the house will continue to operate locally, as if nothing had happened;
  • automation – you can create scenarios: when you come or leave the house, turn on/off the light in the main rooms or throughout the home and arm/disarm the house.


  • connections: the Hub is powered via USB (5V 1A), cable and a power supply are included in the package as well as an adapter for Romanian sockets;
  • it can connect to the local network via Wi-Fi on the 2.4 GHz frequency;
  • we recommended connecting up to 64 sensors.

Enjoy a smart modern home that will give you the comfort you need! Use an Apple HomeKit-compatible Xiaomi Mi 3 Zigbee & Bluetooth Gateway Hub and your everyday routines become much simpler while you enjoy a lot of benefits!

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