Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser

Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser

Take better care of your and your family’s health with the Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser! Choose this modern dispenser for the bathroom, kitchen or your work space!

Are you interested in personal and family hygiene ? Thanks to the touch-free sensor, you’ll reduce the risk of coming into contact with any impurities!

The advantages of the Xiaomi automatic foam dispenser

  • precise sensor: the infrared technology quickly detects the presence of the hand. Place your hand under the sensor and the foam soap will flow in 0.25s – useful when you’re in a hurry;
  • comfortable, hygienic: it’s a much faster, comfortable and hygienic method compared to the classic dispenser with pump;
  • modern design: this dispenser has a modern look, is easy to integrate in any space, easy to clean, water resistant and does not slip on surfaces!
  • durable and easy to use: durable and perfect to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, living rooms, offices and more;
  • long battery life: the small engine with increased efficiency and the rubber shock absorber reduce battery consumption so it can last up to 9 months, when used with a normal frequency.


  • Careful! Works ONLY with foam soap;
  • we don’t recommend using standard liquid soap because it needs to be diluted, typical soap to water ratio of 1:5, so the cleaning power of the soap will be reduced!
  • to refill the container, identify the 3 points with stops on the surface of the recipient’s lid and, using a thin and sharp tool, lift the lid at the 3 points.
  • to install the batteries, disconnect the container and turn the inner lid of the appliance in the open direction (unlocked padlock).


  • capacity: 320mL (approximately 400 uses from full container);
  • power supply: 4x AA battery (LR6), 1.5V – NOT INCLUDED;
  • operating conditions: temperature 5-40 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 0-85%;
  • water insulation: IPX4;
  • reaction distance: 2-5cm.

Replace the classic soap dispenser with a Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser! Enjoy a simpler and healthier life, with a proper hygiene!

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