Zigbee Vibration Sensor

Zigbee Vibration Sensor

Does your child have a restless sleep ? Find out right away when he’s awake with the help of a Zigbee Vibration Sensor! Do you want to keep your valuables safe ? Use this sensor and always be up to date when any changes occur!

The Zigbee Vibration Sensor can be connected to a Zigbee HUB (Xiaomi / Aqara Gateway, Samsung SmartThings etc.).

It detects a vibration, tilt or drop. In these situations, the sensor triggers the hub alarm and you receive an alert on your mobile phone.

In what situations do you use the vibration sensor ?

  • children’s rest: do you want to be sure that your little one is not alone when he wakes up in the middle of the night ? When the sensor detects the vibrations of the little one’s bed, you receive an alert on the phone!
  • family safety: take greater care of the children or the elderly in the family by using the vibration sensor in restricted places: the drawer with dangerous objects, the closet with flammable solutions;
  • valuables security: do you have valuables at home or in the office that you want to protect from intruders or certain family members ? The vibration sensor is small and practical, so you can easily mount it on the window frame, on a safe, on an expensive painting or even in the drawer with important documents. Protect your belongings from anyone with this simple method! Be creative and use the sensor in the most interesting ways!


  • working temperature: -10 to 50 degrees Celsius;
  • portable, can be mounted anywhere (adhesive strip included);
  • includes a CR2032 battery.

Do you want a unobtrusively and safe method to help you have more security and safety at home or at the office ? Choose a Zigbee Vibration Sensor and you’ll be amazed by the multitude of uses it has!

Complete your smart home with other smart sensors that will make your daily tasks easier!

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