Touch water pumps

tsd touch water pumps xiaomi xiaoda

Use the touch water pump from Xiaomi and simplify your life! The two models of water pumps, simple or with a TDS water quality display, are a perfect choice for the office and also for your home. A fast alternative to pump water and also an eco-friendly choice. The touch water pump can be installed … Read more Touch water pumps

Zigbee Magic Cube Controller

xiaomi aqara intelligent magic cube zigbee controller

A smart home can easily be upgraded with smart choices like the Zigbee Magic Cube Controller from Xiaomi. It will enable you to control lights and other smart devices, or start complex scenarios in a simple and fast way. White, with a pleasant appearance, it easily blends into any design and its multiple actions let … Read more Zigbee Magic Cube Controller

Shelly1 PM and Shelly 2.5 – Wi-Fi relays for Smart Home

shelly1 pm shelly 2.5 smart home automation wifi relays with power metering

Do you have a device that is not smart and you want to make it smart ? Shelly is the most effective solution!Choose the relay suited for your needs. Shelly 1 PM Smart Home Wi-Fi Relay with Power Monitoring is a wireless relay that controls smart devices, groups them, starts and stops them with it’s … Read more Shelly1 PM and Shelly 2.5 – Wi-Fi relays for Smart Home

Deerma Mini Dehumidifier

deerma mini dehumidifier xiaomi

Many homes have problems with high humidity levels, For this reason, Xiaomi’s Deerma Mini Dehumidifier could help you! It’s a modern dehumidifier that integrates well into any home and is recommended for small spaces. How does it work ? The Deerma Dehumidifier uses dehydrated silica particles to absorb moisture from the air. When the particles … Read more Deerma Mini Dehumidifier

Zigbee Wall Switches, no NEUTRAL wire

wall switches with one button two buttons no neutral wire xiaomi aqara zigbee

Complete your smart home with the Zigbee wall switches with one or two buttons, no neutral wire required. In this way you can easily control the lights in your house without extra wiring. Want to make your existing light smart without using wires ? Then choose the Zigbee Wall Switch with 1 Button, no NEUTRAL … Read more Zigbee Wall Switches, no NEUTRAL wire

Wi-Fi Smart Plug – Shelly Plug S

smart plug shelly plug s wifi

The Wi-Fi Smart Plug – Shelly Plug S monitors the consumption and manages the activity of the devices in your home. Do you have a device that is not smart and you want to make it smart ? The Wi-Fi Smart Plug can easily help you! The plug controls the activity of connected devices: groups … Read more Wi-Fi Smart Plug – Shelly Plug S

Zigbee door and window sensor

door window smart sensor xiaomi aqara zigbee

Use the Zigbee door and window sensor to increase the security for your family and smart home. This sensor detects if the doors and / or windows open or close. Worry less about unwanted intruders and live a more relaxing life! Specifications Wireless, connectable with a Zigbee HUB (Xiaomi / Aqara Gateway, Samsung SmartThings, etc.). … Read more Zigbee door and window sensor

Smart buttons – simple or complex

smart home buttons switches xiaomi aqara zigbee

Simple or complex, easy to use, the smart buttons enable you to use your smart home to it’s full capacity, in a really easy way. What are the advantages of smart buttons? complete your smart home setup with smart buttons that are programmable according to your needs: turn the lights on/off easily, without getting out … Read more Smart buttons – simple or complex

Motion-activated Water Saving Tap

motion activated water saving tap xiaomi xiaoda

Upgrade your tap with the double sensor motion-activated water saving tap that will increase the comfort of your house and protects the environment by helping you save water! Specifications upgrade your tap! Two control zones (two ways to start the water flow); start the flow of water via infrared inductive command, reducing the need for touches; … Read more Motion-activated Water Saving Tap