Zigbee Smart Bulb – White

smart bulb E27 9w xiaomi aqara zigbee

Because the lighting in your house is very important, for your comfort get a Zigbee Smart Bulb that you can set according to your needs. Easily change the brightness in a room (0 to 100%) and the light’s temperature (from 2700K: warm-white to 6500K: white-blue, cold). White, with a pleasant look, this smart light bulb … Read moreZigbee Smart Bulb – White

Zigbee Motion Sensor

smart home motion presence light level sensor xiaomi aqara zigbee

Increase the security in your smart home with the Zigbee Motion and Illumination Sensor! It has a minimalist design and can be placed on either walls or different surfaces. Specifications Sensor that detects motion at a distance of up to 7 meters and at an angle of 170 degrees, including in the dark. Shows light … Read moreZigbee Motion Sensor

Zigbee Water Leak Sensor

zigbee water leak sensor xiaomi aqara

Every home can use some extra security and smart sensors can help here. Choose a Zigbee water leak sensor that will greatly reduce your worries about your smart home. How does it work? It’s a sensor that detects leaks and possible floods. When it notices such problems, it immediately send a notification on your phone. … Read moreZigbee Water Leak Sensor

ZigBee vs Z-Wave vs Wi-Fi

One of the things to watch out for when you start automating your home is what communication protocols to use. Continuing the discussion in the article Where do we start making our home smart, in this tutorial we will investigate in detail each protocol and show you some clear advantages, but also disadvantages for each … Read moreZigBee vs Z-Wave vs Wi-Fi

Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Smoke Detector and alarm

A smart home should give you the sense of security you need. To reduce the amount of worries, start with a Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Smoke Detector and alarm! How does it work? It can detect smoke and you will receive an alert. The Xiaomi Honeywell smoke detector has its own siren and light indicator (red). … Read moreXiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Smoke Detector and alarm

Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor

smart home sensor temperature humidity atmospheric pressure xiaomi aqara zigbee

A Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor should not be missing for the comfort of your home. It is a smart sensor that monitors temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure so that you can have the best conditions in your home. Want to improve your health and monitor the conditions in your home? Add a smart temperature … Read moreZigbee temperature and humidity sensor

Where do we start making our home smart ?

myl2 where to start smart home automation steps hubs zwave zigbee homekit apple samsung

The hardest part of starting to automate your home is the initial research. Often, especially at the beginning, you’ll ask yourself: What technologies to use ? Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, KNX? What brands are better ? Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Philips Hue, others ? Should I choose a closed setup like Apple, or an open setup … Read moreWhere do we start making our home smart ?

The Z-Wave Smart Plug from Neo COOLCAM

Description The Neo COOLCAM smart plug monitors the consumption and manages the activity of devices in your home. The plug controls the activity of connected devices: groups them, turns them on or off and monitors their power consumption. The power consumption monitoring function is an advantage over simple models, because you can create scenarios based … Read moreThe Z-Wave Smart Plug from Neo COOLCAM

Shelly1 – Integration with Samsung SmartThings

Step 1, get a Shelly1 – Smart Home Relay and find out here how to connect it! Step 2, configure your Samsung SmartThings v3 Hub, UK version (this is also compatible with the v2 Hub). Step 3, install the following DTH (Device Type Handler): shelly-as-switch, written by dgasparri. If you do not know how to, … Read moreShelly1 – Integration with Samsung SmartThings

Shelly 1 Smart Home Wi-Fi Relay

Shelly1 is a Smart Wi-Fi Relay that should not be missing from any smart home system. It controls smart devices, groups them, starts and stops them with it’s own mobile app or other compatible apps. Got a have a device that isn’t smart and that you want to make smart? Shelly is the most efficient solution! Shelly1 … Read moreShelly 1 Smart Home Wi-Fi Relay