How do we cool the smart home remotely?

How do we cool the smart home remotely?

  • We monitor the environment with the help of intelligent sensors
  • We automate air conditioners
  • We reduce energy bills

With the arrival of the warm season, the air conditioners come into action again, and the bills for heating the house are replaced by those for cooling it, all to have a pleasant environment where we can feel comfortable on a hot summer day. .

Today we will talk about how smart technology can help us during the summer.

We monitor the environment with the help of intelligent sensors

On a hot summer day, the temperatures in the thermometers can rise to values ​​that exceed the comfort threshold both outside and inside the home. While in the outdoor environment we can only avoid the direct rays of the sun and stay hydrated, when it comes to our home, things have improved considerably with the advancement of technology. Air conditioners have proven to be one of the best inventions of recent years, being indispensable in almost any home or office.

We all want to open the door of the house when we return from work, or after the long journey back from vacation, and the temperature is simply perfect, without waiting for the air conditioners to do their job.

With the help of intelligent sensors we can observe the values ​​of temperature and humidity directly on the mobile phone or tablet, from wherever we are. The most interesting part is that, using smart technology, we will be able to turn on the air conditioning when we are on our way home.

We automate air conditioners

The first step is to make sure that the air conditioner has the auto-restart function (this function restarts an air conditioner and makes it work according to the latest settings, if it has stopped, for example, at a power failure).

We connect the air conditioner to a Shelly Plug S Wi-Fi smart socket or to a Shelly 1 Wi-Fi smart relay and we can turn it on or off before we get home, through the Shelly mobile application. We can also create weekly schedules to simplify the activity of the connected device.

We reduce energy bills

Unpleasant situations when we forget the air conditioning turned on after we left home are now a thing of the past. In the Shelly mobile application we constantly find out its condition and, with a simple click on the phone screen, we can turn it off, avoiding some unwanted electricity bills.

Decreasing energy savings can be even greater if we choose to use a hub that, along with other smart sensors, will allow us to create scenarios such as: turning off the air conditioning when a window or door has been left open, turning on / its automatic shutdown according to the temperatures set by us, the cooling off when the last member of the family left the house, and many others.

In the opinion of the myL2 team, the automation of the cooling systems, but also of the heating leaves a serious imprint both on the energy bills and on the comfort level at home or at the office. If you haven’t done this yet, we are waiting for you to contact us to find a suitable solution for your home together!

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