Hubitat 2.2.9 Update – Extra Compatibility & Performance

Hubitat 2.2.9 Update – Extra Compatibility & Performance

The new Hubitat update manages, like the previous ones, to excel in terms of compatibility, system security and performance.

Here are the most important aspects of the 2.2.9 update:

  • It brings an important addition of compatibility so that even more devices, such as DanaLock V3 Zigbee, can be easily integrated into the Hubitat system;
  • New features of Rule 5.1, Button Controller 5.1 and Button Rule 5.1 applications: Repeat While, Repeat Until and Time Since Event offer the user new possibilities to create automation rules and scenarios;
  • Over 20 new drivers and over 30 bugs solved to make home or office automation with Hubitat a pleasant experience.

These, together with many other new facilities, make Hubitat one of the most efficient platforms for lovers of intelligent systems and automation. Enter now in the settings section and click on “Update Hub”!

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