Hubitat Elevation Update

Hubitat Update 2.3.0 – Fewer bugs, more utility

As we expected, once every 60 days we have a new update of the Hubitat platform and, as usual, the system is improved and new devices get compatibility.

  • Rule 5.1 / Button Rule 5.1 apps receive many enhancements such as “On a day condition” or “Copy action“, for simple copying of actions and much more;
  • LIFX, Vesternet and many more add to the long list of compatible devices;
  • 30+ bugs fixed and changes made to the Hubitat platform for a top experience in building a Smart System.

Go to the Settings -> Check for Updates section and in a few minutes you will have the latest version of the Hubitat Elevation platform (2.3.0). Don’t forget to back-up beforehand, in case everything doesn’t go well! Success!

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