Smart myL2 Kits: Ideal Solutions for the Safety and Comfort of Your Home

Smart myL2 Kits: Ideal Solutions for the Safety and Comfort of Your Home

  • We automate the lights, we reduce the bills
  • We increase the security of the home
  • We monitor and prevent unpleasant situations
  • We control the environment at home for a high comfort

Smart technology has seen a global growth in recent years and we see that more and more people are resorting to automation solutions, simple or complex, with low or serious budgets, for the comfort and safety of their own home or an entire residential complex. .

Today, at myL2 we will try to reach the most important aspects of smart technology and we come to your aid with some smart package ideas for automation, comfort, security and monitoring.

Automating your home or office lights and integrating them into a smart system will not only increase comfort, but will bring significant changes to your electricity bills.

The smart motion detection sensors and bulbs in the Smart Ilumination Kit will work together to achieve this. The lights will turn on when we enter a room, after which, when no movement or presence has been detected, they will go out after a time set by us.

Also, the smart switch will be part of the scenarios, coming to our support with up to 3 different actions: click, double-click and long press. We will use these actions to turn on / off the lights in a room, in the whole house or to set them to a certain intensity.

Through the smartphone we will be able to have control over the lights from wherever we are. All we need is an internet connection.

It is very important for each of us to know our home is safe at all times. The higher the level of security, the quieter our sleep or the road to where we will spend the holidays.

Through the Smart Security Kit, we will be able to find out directly on our mobile phone if we have left doors or windows open and, of course, if someone tries to enter our home without permission.

Smart sensors will permanently display, directly on the mobile phone, the status of doors and windows, thus freeing us from worries.

In fact, if we switched the system to Armed mode when we leave home, the door / window sensors and the motion detection sensors will start the alarm when they are activated as a result of the burglary attempt, and we we will instantly print a warning message.

The Z-Wave smart siren can also be used as a ringtone and is customizable in terms of alarm types, ringtone songs and intensity.

Equally important to us is the ability to monitor and control unpleasant situations such as floods, possible fires or temperature and humidity in the home.

The Smart Monitoring Kit will constantly “supervise” our home. The intelligent water leak detection sensors, the smoke detector and the temperature and humidity sensors will be “on guard” 24/7 and will send the status and registered values ​​to Hubitat, and we and the other family members will receive a notification when an unpleasant situation arises.

Also, the smart smoke detector will play the role of alarm with the help of the integrated speaker, which can emit sounds up to 80db.

And, because the feeling of “home” is even more pleasant when comfort is also present, we have created the Smart Comfort Kit for you.

We will be able to permanently monitor the ambient temperature of the home, as well as the humidity values ​​and, most importantly, we will be able to remotely control the heating or cooling systems, with a single click on the phone screen.

With the help of the Shelly smart relay and the Z-Wave smart thermostat, we will create automation scenarios such as turning on the AC when the temperature is too high, or the heating system when it is winter outside, and we are on our way home.

We, the myL2 team, have tried to create these packages both for smart technology enthusiasts who are at the beginning of the road, and for those who are looking for a safety, monitoring or comfort solution. You can choose any of these kits, or we can combine and complete them, depending on your wishes and ideas.

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