Use Hubitat Package Manager to Make New Devices Compatible with the Hub

Use Hubitat Package Manager to Make New Devices Compatible with the Hub

If you chose Hubitat Elevation and build a smart system around it, you already know that it supports plenty of smart devices such as Aeotec, Dome, Fibaro, Google, Ikea, Honeywell, Philips Hue and more.

But what do we do when we want to integrate in our Hubitat system devices that are not directly compatible with it?

Good news! The Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) application will give us the support we need to integrate devices such as Aqara, BleBox, Xiaomi Mi, Ikea and many more.

To install this package manager (as well as other compatible applications) you will need to access the Apps Code section of the Hubitat interface, then click on “New App” to enter the HPM source code.

The “Import” button simplifies the installation procedure of any application. All we have to do is insert the raw link of the source code, click on the “Save” button, and the application will be installed automatically. (Hubitat Package Manager Raw)

Once this procedure is completed, we will be able to access the HPM application by entering the Apps->Add User section and selecting Hubitat Package Manager from the list.

To install a new package, click on the “Install (Install a new package)” button; it will open a new window from where we will select the desired method. “Search by Keywords” to search by names such as Aqara, Xiaomi, BleBox etc., “Browse by Tags” to search by the type of device we want to connect (buttons, doors & windows, lights & switches , temperature & humidity etc.).

If the Hubitat Package Manager application does not already have the driver we are looking for, there is also the “From a URL” option to import the code we need from another source. Thanks to unlimited automation options, Hubitat is increasingly used in intelligent systems, and the community is growing constantly. By accessing the link, we will be surprised by the support that smart technology enthusiasts bring to thecommunity. Armed with patience, we will find the drivers we need to integrate our devices into the Hubitat system.

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