How Do We Light the Smart Home? Regular Bulbs vs Smart Bulbs

The 21st century or the century of technology has brought major changes in our daily lives and, without realizing it, we found ourselves surrounded by things that generations before us did not even dream of: smartphones, self-driving cars or smart homes are just some of the inventions of the present. Today myL2 offers you a … Read more How Do We Light the Smart Home? Regular Bulbs vs Smart Bulbs

Wi-Fi Smart RGB Bulb

smart bulb xiaomi yeelight e27 8.5w rgb wifi smartthings

Light up your home in vibrant RGB colors ! Enjoy a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere with a Wi-Fi Smart RGB Bulb E27 recommended by myL2.ro, without having to depend on a Hub. Buy now: Wi-Fi Smart RGB Bulb E27 8.5W ! Create the desired environment at home in function of the day or your activities: … Read more Wi-Fi Smart RGB Bulb

Create your Smart Kitchen without investing too much

create your smart kitchen without investing too much smart bulbs smoke detector alarm door window sensor flooding motion activated water tap

Do you usually spend much time in the kitchen ? Do you need a kitchen that’s both practical and modern at the same time ? You can remodel this room in a simple way: use smart devices that will make your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable! What is the modern technology that can … Read more Create your Smart Kitchen without investing too much

Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

wifi smart bulb shelly duo e27 9w xiaomi aqara

Brighten your home with warm or cold dimmable light and create the desired ambiance in any room! Use a Smart Wi-Fi Bulb and give individuality to your home without needing a Hub! Do you want to make your home smart but don’t want to complicate yourself with standards like Zigbee, Z-Wave or other connections ? … Read more Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

Zigbee Vibration Sensor

zigbee vibration sensor xiaomi aqara

Does your child have a restless sleep ? Find out right away when he’s awake with the help of a Zigbee Vibration Sensor! Do you want to keep your valuables safe ? Use this sensor and always be up to date when any changes occur! The Zigbee Vibration Sensor can be connected to a Zigbee … Read more Zigbee Vibration Sensor

Smart Home Setup, on a budget

smart home on a budget

Do you want to turn your house into a smart home with a limited budget? The automations in a smart home allow you to control many smart accessories and devices from wherever you are. If you’re on a budget, you can still improve the comfort of your home in a very simple way. Technology has … Read more Smart Home Setup, on a budget

Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display

xiaomi aqara bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor round square with lcd display

Do you want more confort in your house ? Enjoy at home the best conditions for you and your family with the help of a round Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display. The Bluetooth sensor helps you keep track of the relative temperature and humidity in a room and can be used at … Read more Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display

Z-Wave Smart Siren

zwave smart siren neo coolcam

May it be about the security of your home or about any other need you have, you can include in your house a Z-Wave Smart Siren. The siren can pe used with a Z-Wave hub and has alert and chime function (beeper), with 10 included sounds. The smart siren advantages small size: can be placed … Read more Z-Wave Smart Siren

Shelly Dimmer and Shelly RGBW2 – Wi-Fi Smart Relays

shelly dimmer shelly rgbw2 smart home automation wifi relays with power metering

Do you have a device that is not smart and you want to make it smart ? Shelly is the most efficient solution. Chose the smart relay suited for your needs. Shelly Dimmer Shelly Dimmer Smart Home Wi-Fi Relay is a wireless relay with dimming that lets you control dimming of non-smart lights. It also … Read more Shelly Dimmer and Shelly RGBW2 – Wi-Fi Smart Relays

Zigbee Magic Cube Controller

xiaomi aqara intelligent magic cube zigbee controller

A smart home can easily be upgraded with smart choices like the Zigbee Magic Cube Controller from Xiaomi. It will enable you to control lights and other smart devices, or start complex scenarios in a simple and fast way. White, with a pleasant appearance, it easily blends into any design and its multiple actions let … Read more Zigbee Magic Cube Controller