Zigbee Magic Cube Controller

Zigbee Magic Cube Controller

A smart home can easily be upgraded with smart choices like the Zigbee Magic Cube Controller from Xiaomi.

It will enable you to control lights and other smart devices, or start complex scenarios in a simple and fast way.

xiaomi aqara intelligent magic cube zigbee controller

White, with a pleasant appearance, it easily blends into any design and its multiple actions let you be creative with your smart home.

  • The cube can configure up to 6 actions that help you create complex scenarios:
  • turn 90 degrees;
  • turn 180 degrees;
  • shake;
  • rotate;
  • push;
  • double tap.

Each action can control devices connected to the Aqara Hub or SmartThings Hub.


  • wireless, connectable with a Zigbee HUB (Xiaomi Aqara Gateway, Samsung SmartThings etc.);
  • when connected to the SmartThings Hub, the controller can perform up to 36 actions (6 actions x 6 faces);
  • portable, can be places anywhere;
  • includes a CR2450 battery;
  • operating temperature -10 – +50 degrees Celsius.
xiaomi aqara intelligent magic cube zigbee controller

Complete your smart home setup with smart buttons suited for your everyday needs. A Zigbee Magic Cube Controller can help you perform helpful actions at home or at the office in a fast way!

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