Smart Home – The solution for low energy consumption

Smart Home – The solution for low energy consumption

Summer and winter are two seasons that beach and sun lovers or winter sports enthusiast enjoy wholeheartedly. But when it comes to your home, what do these two seasons have in common? High energy consumption produced by cooling or heating installations. The solution to get rid of these worries is to transform your home into … Read more Smart Home – The solution for low energy consumption

Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser

xiaomi automatic foam soap dispenser

Take better care of your and your family’s health with the Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser! Choose this modern dispenser for the bathroom, kitchen or your work space! Are you interested in personal and family hygiene ? Thanks to the touch-free sensor, you’ll reduce the risk of coming into contact with any impurities! The advantages of … Read more Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser

Deerma Mini Dehumidifier

deerma mini dehumidifier xiaomi

Many homes have problems with high humidity levels, For this reason, Xiaomi’s Deerma Mini Dehumidifier could help you! It’s a modern dehumidifier that integrates well into any home and is recommended for small spaces. How does it work ? The Deerma Dehumidifier uses dehydrated silica particles to absorb moisture from the air. When the particles … Read more Deerma Mini Dehumidifier

Motion-activated Water Saving Tap

motion activated water saving tap xiaomi xiaoda

Upgrade your tap with the double sensor motion-activated water saving tap that will increase the comfort of your house and protects the environment by helping you save water! Specifications upgrade your tap! Two control zones (two ways to start the water flow); start the flow of water via infrared inductive command, reducing the need for touches; … Read more Motion-activated Water Saving Tap