Motion-activated Water Saving Tap

Motion-activated Water Saving Tap

Upgrade your tap with the double sensor motion-activated water saving tap that will increase the comfort of your house and protects the environment by helping you save water!

motion activated water saving tap xiaomi xiaoda


  • upgrade your tap! Two control zones (two ways to start the water flow);
  • start the flow of water via infrared inductive command, reducing the need for touches;
  • bottom short-term water sensor – When your hand enters the bottom detection area (less than 10 cm), the water starts flowing. When the hand moves away, the water stops;
  • side long-term water sensor – Starts the flow of water for a longer period; when the hand enters the side detection area (less than 5 cm), the water starts to flow. The jet lasts for a maximum of 3 minutes, then automatically turns off even if you forget to stop it. If the hand enters the side detection zone again during the flow, the water stops immediately;
  • high efficiency in water saving, energy and environmental protection;
  • simple white design, adaptable to various home styles;
  • 6 sets of adapters, compatible with almost any type of tap.

Included in the package:
1 x Motion Activation Tap
1 x Installation Tool
3 x Gaskets (sealing rings)
6 x Adapters
1 x Instructions manual

motion activated water saving tap xiaomi xiaoda

What are the benefits of using a motion-activated water saving tap ?

  • save water;
  • easy assembly and disassembly;
  • one battery charge lasts a long time (3-6 months) and can be recharged via USB (cable not included);
  • protect against extensive water flow;
  • IPX6 rated.

It’s easy to make your home more comfortable and cosy.

Add a motion-activated water saving tap and transform your house into a modern one.

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