Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strip

Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strip

Are you a lover of technology and of a modern home ? Decorate your house in incredible RGB colors with a Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strip, 2m, extensible !


  • flexible and thin, the Yeelight RGB light strip can be placed anywhere to add color to your smart home;
  • easily adjustable, even offline, using the included controller;
  • it can be cut to length or extended (using Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strip 1m extension, up to 10m in total) and integrated easily into any design.


  • automate control of your smart home using just your Wi-Fi network connection;
  • adjust color to anything in the RGB spectrum;
  • adjustment between 3000K and 6500K (3000K: neutral light; 6500K: cold/white-blueish light);
  • includes adhesive, 2m length;
  • power: 7.5W, 100-240V 50Hz AC;
  • control via Yeelight or MiHome mobile app.

6 reasons for using the light strip:

  • relaxing environment at home: the bright light strip creates a pleasant atmosphere at home; whether it’s a time of day, a specific activity or a celebration;
  • various uses: decorate the balcony, furniture, stairs, veranda, office or whatever you want! Enjoy more light and color at home!
  • suitable for any surface: it sticks easily on various types of surfaces and easily molds on curved surfaces;
  • extension possibility: buy the Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strip 1m extension – you can extend up to 10m in total!
  • online/offline control: with the application on your mobile phone or using the included controller you control colors, intensity and other functions for the light tape;
  • plan scenarios: use your imagination! Schedule the LED band according to your needs and preferences: choose the color/intensity for the moments when you play at the computer, watch a movie or relax in the evening on the couch.

Do you need to decorate a bigger space ? You can extend the Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strip up to 10m in total !

Use the Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strip 1m extension and enjoy more light and an extended range of vibrant colors from which to choose depending on your prefferences.

How would you like to decorate your home with light strips ? What rooms or spaces would you like to put into light ?

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