Wi-Fi Smart RGB Bulb

Wi-Fi Smart RGB Bulb

Light up your home in vibrant RGB colors ! Enjoy a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere with a Wi-Fi Smart RGB Bulb E27 recommended by myL2.ro, without having to depend on a Hub.

Create the desired environment at home in function of the day or your activities: you can concentrate better with a light temperature of 5300K or you can create a great environment for watching movies by choosing a warm color (such as orange/gold). You have a range of 16 million colors to choose from!

smart bulb xiaomi yeelight e27 8.5w rgb wifi smartthings


  • you don’t need a Hub: automate and control your smart home through Wi-Fi all you need is a wireless network;
  • enjoy incredible colors from the RGB spectrum;
  • control through the Yeelight or MiHome app: enjoy the control with one click ! Choose how intense you want the light in the room to be and what shade it should be (1700K: warm/golden light; 6500K: cold/white-blue light);
  • reeduce your current bill: use light bulbs at a low intensity when you don’t need a bright light;
  • modern design: suitable for any home, the Yeelight smart bulb offers a modern vibe to the rooms;
  • compatible with Samsung SmartThings.


  • automate control of your smart home using just your Wi-Fi network connection;
  • adjust color to anything in the RGB spectrum;
  • adjustment between 1700K and 6500K (1700K: warm/golden light; 6500K: cool/white-blueish light);
  • E27 connector, fits most lamps and lighting appliances;
  • power: 8.5W, intensity: 800lm, voltage: 110-230V +/-10% 50Hz AC, expected lifetime: 25,000 hours;
  • control via Yeelight or MiHome mobile app.

Choose modern bulbs for your smart home! Use Wi-Fi Smart RGB Bulbs and offer your home some personality!

How would you personalise the lighting in your home ? What colour would you choose for each moment of th day ? Leave your comment below!

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