Voice control – Simple and Fun Way to Communicate With Your Smart Home

Voice control – Simple and Fun Way to Communicate With Your Smart Home

Each of us has been in the situation of having our hands busy with luggage or shopping and needing a helping hand to turn on a light, open the door or simply to change the TV channel or the song that is playing. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to be able to tell your house to do these things, using your voice instead of the remote control or switch?

Whether you live in a house with several rooms, a simple studio or you have a commercial space, you can fully benefit from the advantages of this technology using Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple and other devices that integrate the voice control model.

Smart Home technology is becoming more and more popular in homes around the world, and voice control via virtual assistant is the easiest, fastest and most fun way to interact with smart devices in your home.

Control the lights, temperature or find out details about the weather from your virtual assistant without moving a finger!

With the automation of your home you benefit from different ways to control smart devices and systems. They can be operated locally, by pressing the buttons they incorporate, remotely, through compatible applications or via voice.

There are many situations in which we have our hands busy with luggage or the laundry basket and in which we would like to be able to turn on a light, open a door or answer the phone. This problem is a thing of the past when we automated our home, voice control making it possible to operate all connected devices.

We can also ask the virtual assistant to enter a future event in the agenda, to set alarms, to check the traffic on a certain route or to give us real-time weather information.

Voice control is, in fact, an excellent solution for people with disabilities, considerably reducing the effort they had to make to operate certain devices in the house.

Artificial intelligence – meant to take comfort to another level!

It is fabulous how new technology comes to your aid to provide you with the best living conditions. The artificial intelligence used in the development of these devices is able to memorize routines, rules and create scenarios based on your choices, so that it can make its own decisions for you and your home even when the internet connection is broken.

Thus, you will be able to ask the virtual assistant to start the scenarios and settings used on a certain day, in a past event or for a certain period of time.

Voice control – a wave technology!

According to statistics, 13% of US households used in 2017 at least one device that incorporates voice control, and it is expected that the percentage will increase to 55% in 2022.

Also, more than half of the participants in a study by Pew Research claim that they use a voice-controlled device especially for situations when their hands are busy, while a quarter of them use it because of the fun way to interact with the house.

Of course, there are situations when using a tablet or phone is more appropriate, such as checking images on surveillance cameras or remotely operating devices, but voice control is a simple, fun and effective way to increase the comfort in your smart home.

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