Smart Wi-Fi UV-C lamp for sterilization

Smart Wi-Fi UV-C lamp for sterilization

Ensure a healthier life for you and those around you using a Smart Wi-Fi UV-C lamp for sterilization! This smart lamp kills bacteria, viruses, various parasites and microorganisms and can be used in any room.

Advantages for the sterilization lamp

  • 99.9% UVC sterilization rate: kills bacteria (such as Escherichia coli – E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus – staphylococcus), viruses, various parasites, microorganisms, mold spores etc.;
  • multidirectional disinfection at 360°, for surfaces up to 30 m2 : can be used for hotel rooms, classrooms, houses with pets, children’s room, offices and more;
  • simple control by application: install MiHome on your mobile phone and easily control the lamp – schedule at what times it starts even when you are at a distance (and everyone is away from home);
  • presence sensor: when a person is nearby, the lamp stops and continues its program after it detects that there is no movement for 30 seconds;
  • special protection for children: the lamp can’t be turned on by the little ones;
  • tubes resistant to 9000 hours of use;
  • small size: the lamp integrates perfectly into any room and design.

How to use:

  • insert the lamp into a socket;
  • press the start button for 3 seconds to prepare the lamp, then short press again to start the sterilization program. You need to leave the room.
  • the lamp will turn on within 30 seconds if it doesn’t detect the presence of humans or animals;
  • when someone approaches the lamp, it automatically turns off and you can hear the sound alarm; the lamp tries a restart in 30 seconds;
  • from the application you can choose the duration of sterilization: 15-30-45 minutes;
  • at the end of the sterilization process the lamp light stops and a long sound is heard.


  • Wi-Fi connection: 2.4Ghz;
  • power supply: 220V AC; 50Hz;
  • consumption: 32W;
  • coverage area: 10-30 m2.

Are you interested in living a healthy life and taking care of your loved ones and others around you ? Choose a modern and efficient solution to remove health dangers that can affect your body. Don’t forget to use other smart devices to get more comfort in your life!

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