Smart Home Control: A day in your life

Smart Home Control: A day in your life

Is you home an important place for your soul ? Choose to improve your quality of living by changing your the classic house into an intelligent one.
Want to familiarize yourself with the functionality of a smart home ? We propose an idea of a scenario for a day in your life when the one who controls your house is you!

Waking up with a Smart Home

The morning marks the start of your day. The last thing you want is to be late for work or not having enough time to get your kids ready for school. Fortunately, with a smart home you can enjoy more free time!

The voice assistant will wake you up in a modern way: with your favorite music that gradually increases in intensity so you cam start the day in a pleasant way! You can also choose a smart lighting system to illuminate your bedroom in your favorite colors: use smart Wi-Fi RGB bulbs or even add an extensible Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strip.

You’re about to go to the bathroom: the moment you enter the bathroom, the motion sensor detects your presence so the light turns on automatically. While taking your shower and waking up you can relax with the virtual assistant alongside: listen to your favorite music, find out weather details or even listen to the news.

While having your morning ritual, the smart home system prepares the optimal temperature and humidity values, using specific automations: depending on the values detected by the temperature and humidity sensors, the air conditioner or humidifier starts/stops.

Breakfast is important, you can’t miss it: when you enter the kitchen the lights turn on automatically. Use voice commands or smart buttons to turn on the TV powered by a smart plug or listen to the morning news presented by the virtual assistant.

What happens when you’re away from home

You leave home and don’t need to check anything you leave behind because your smart home takes care of everything: ask your voice assistant to activate the hibernation mode or make press shortly twice on the smart switch mounted next to the front door – the lights in the whole house turn off, as well as the smart plugs (for the TV, iron etc.), music, air conditioning or other electronics.

When you’re at work you can stop worrying about your home because you can check it remotely via the mobile app. You now carry out your daily activities with no stress added and when any problem occurs, you get notifications on the phone: if the windows/main door open at home without your will, if smoke is detected or if there is a water leak.

Have a Good Night with Smart Technology

You get home after a tiring day. All you want is as much time as possible for yourself, time for you to get comfortable on your sofa or bed.

The app installed on your mobile phone can detect your location via GPS so your smart home will prepare for you. In this way, when you approach the house, the environment will be prepared: the lights turned on at a medium intensity in your favorite colors and acompanied with your favorite music playlist.

You now change into comfortable clothes and sit on the couch to watch the most interesting movies and series that you’re excited about: press the smart button placed next to the couch or make a voice command to activate movie viewing mode. Now you’re really ready to relax!

Go to sleep after you’ve had some relaxation. The lights in the rooms you’re going through turn on at a medium intensity so they don’t bother you. You get comfortably in bed and double press the smart button located on the nightstand: you have just activated the night mode – your house is armed, the lights all over the house turn off, as well as the sockets. You’re ready for a quiet night to recharge your batteries!

A long time ago it seemed like a scenario you dreamed of, now it’s reality: the smart house makes your life easier and gives you the convenience you need every day! Set automations in your home correctly and you can enjoy a simpler life.

Do you want an improved quality of living ? Don’t think anymore! Choose smart kits or smart components that suit your needs: lights, buttons, sensors, plugs, relays.

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