Smart Gadgets that your home needs

Smart Gadgets that your home needs

Do you spend a lot of time at home ? Would you like to enjoy a quiet place to recharge your batteries alongside with your family and friends ?

You and your house need extra help to live in harmony: create a comfortable environment at home by choosing smart components that suit you.

Read more about the needs of your home when it comes to smart choices.

Gadgets that help you save money

Money is important for any person especially if you’re also trying to increase your savings. Make smart choices at home and you’ll be able to put aside some extra cash in a simple way!

How can you reduce the necessary expenses in a house ?
Most of the money we spend go on electricity and water. Use light bulbs, buttons and smart sensors that allow you to reduce monthly payments!
The light turns on only when a sensor detects movement in a room and turns off otherwise. With the help of smart buttons you can turn on the bulbs at a medium intensity and turn off all the lights in the house with the touch of a button or with a click in the mobile app!

Time-saving gadgets

Choose a Motion-activated Water Saving Tap and you’ll use water without having any waste. This gadget helps you save money and even time! Use it both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Enjoy simpler routines when washing dishes or washing your hands.

Customize your bathroom with an Xiaomi Automatic Foam Dispenser: it’s a hygienic, fast and modern choice for any bathroom.

Gadgets to customize your favorite room

Depending on the time spent in a room you immediately realize what your favorite place is: the kitchen or the living room. These two rooms are among the most used in the whole house.

Are you a kitchen lover ? Do you spend most of your time here ? You definitely need some smart upgrades!

Use gadgets to make your kitchen work easier and don’t forget other aids! An TDS Touch Water Pump is extremely useful in the kitchen: you save a lot of time!
For the times when you want to quickly make a juice or a smoothie use a Mini Juice Blender that is perfect to take with you later on your walk or at work.

Do you spend a lot of time in the living room ? Create a pleasant atmosphere for you and other family members!

The living room environment is important for home comfort. Use a Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strip customize your room! With the help of the large rande of RGB colors you can create a pleasant ambiance for you and the guests.

You can even go further and add Wi-Fi Smart RGB Bulbs for an extra effect. With the right automations you’ll enjoy your living room more and more!
For more comfort and for your health, be sure to keep your temperature and humidity values within normal limits using a smart sensor in parallel with the air conditioner and a humidifier.

Your house needs smart gadgets. Or maybe you need them ? Choose the ones that suit you better and live more comfortably and responsibly.

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