Preparing your Smart Home for Halloween

Preparing your Smart Home for Halloween

Do you like decorating the house for Halloween ? You want to put in practice an interesting, modern and cool idea ? Preparing your home for this holiday becomes much more fun with smart components!

The coming of autumn immediately leads us to the thought of Halloween so we invite you to read the recommendations by!

Controlling the Lights

Choose smart components you can use all year round! Use smart sensors, smart buttons and  smart lights to turn on/off the light at the right time!

Surprise your guests without them having any idea what awaits next!

Special effects

Use smart plugs and motion sensors to create the perfect home automations!

The moment you enter the room or approach a certain area of the room, the sensor detects movement and the smart socket is activated. This way you start the right devices and you enjoy a successful Halloween day!

The right ambient

Don’t forget that the environment is very important for a special night.

Colorful ambient light lights up according to your preferences: use Wi-Fi smart RGB bulbs and smart Wi-Fi RGB light strips to help you create the right atmosphere for Halloween!

Turn your home into a fun place where light games will keep your guests in constant suspense.

Did you set up your smart house for Halloween? What interesting ideas do you have in mind?

Do you want an improved quality of living ? Don’t think anymore! Choose smart kits or smart components that suit your needs: lightsbuttonssensorsplugsrelays.

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