How to make a dehumidifier smart

How to make a dehumidifier smart

Hi everyone!

What you need:
– A Hubitat Elevation Hub (can also be done with SmartThings)
– A Humidity sensor (Bathroom TH)
– A Dehumidifier with the auto-restart feature plugged into a smart plug (Dehumidifier SW)
– A Virtual Dimmer (Dehumidifier) – can be shared to Alexa and/or Google Home
– 3 Rule Machine 4.0+ rules

Use cases:
– Run a Dehumidifier for a selected period of time (also works via voice command)
– Set the run time based on then humidity in a room

After you take a bath or a shower and the bathroom humidity spikes to over 70%, the dehumidifier will turn on for a while, the bigger the humidity the more it will run, then it will turn itself off.

To make this happen we add a Temperature & Humidity sensor in the bathroom and the first rule, as follows:

In this case I’ve used the turning off of the bathroom light as the trigger, but you can also use a timer or a presence sensor (eg. when no motion is detected in the bathroom for a while).
Turning off the light will trigger a Rule that checks the humidity and if it’s over a specified value, will trigger set the level of the Virtual Dimmer to the value of the humidity sensor.
If we manually start the dehumidifier, it will run for 60 minutes by default.

The third rule will turn off the dehumidifier plug when the time has passed.

If you need to manually trigger the dehumidifier using Alexa or Google Home, just tell them to set the level of the virtual switch (eg. ‘Alexa, set the Dehumidifier to 40’ and it will run for 40 minutes).

If we want to check the time left until the dehumidifier stops, we can add a Dahsboard tile for the dehumidifier with Custom Attribute: Level.

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