Home Automation: Hub + Button + Smart Bulb

Home Automation: Hub + Button + Smart Bulb

Are you at the beginning of your journey in creating your Smart Home ? Experience simpler routines with a Hub + Smart Button + Smart Bulb. The button can be configured with up to 6 actions: between 1 and 5 short presses, and 1 long press.

Smart technology has nowadays become a trend: it makes our lives easier and brings us a ton of benefits! Use smart buttons and bulbs at the same time and enjoy a new type of confort in your own home !

It is now easier to control your house with a single press on a button! Choose a Zigbee Smart Round Button and enjoy its benefits!

What scenarios can you create with 1 Hub, 1 Button and 1 Smart Bulb ?

Energy saving

  • reduce the intensity of the light or turn off the light in the room you’re in or in the whole house: with a short press turn lights off, or on at at 50% intensity, with 2 presses you can increase the intensity to 100%, with a long press you can arm the house.

A new level of comfort: it’s easier to enjoy the comfort of your home!

  • go to sleep with the push of a button: the button next to the bed is very useful to start an automation that turns off the light throughout the house and turn on the night mode arming syste,;
  • extra relaxation on the couch: prepare for a movie and turn off the light without getting up from the sofa;
  • remote control: wherever you are, see the status of the devices in the house.

Use a smart button to more easily control the bulbs in your home.

Add motion or door/windows sensors and create smarter scenarios!

Complete your smart home with other buttons, bulbs, sensors, relays or gadgets for more comfort.

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