3 ways your Smart Home can make your autumn more pleasant

3 ways your Smart Home can make your autumn more pleasant

Your Smart House helps you enjoy autumn in a better way! Make the choices that will make your home feel more comfortable and warm in many ways! www.myL2.ro has the right solutions for you and your family: Hubs and smart components with a lot of benefits!

The right lighting changes your mood

Enjoy a relaxing environment! Animate the dreary days of autumn with the help of smart lights. Use smart bulbs to adjust the intensity of the light!

To have the right atmosphere in every room, you can play with smart Wi-Fi RGB bulbs! You have a wide range of colors to choose from to make any room more welcoming and warm for those gloomy autumn days!

More health with suitable temperature and humidity values

Autumn days are really impredictable: some days are warmer, the nights colder, rain is always unexpected and so are the temperature and humidity values.

When it’s cold outside, what could be more beautiful than a comfortable day at home ? You can enjoy the right temperature and humidity values if you use smart sensors.

Choose smart sensors to monitor temperature and humidity values in your home’s main rooms. As soon as the values change and pass the limits you chose, the air conditioning and humidifier come to your aid!

Maintain the relative temperature and humidity values in your home and enjoy a comfortable home! Your health also has positive changes: you don’t get sick that often, you rest better and you have an improved mood.

Relaxing with your loved ones by using smart scenarios

Cold days are a good reason to spend more time inside your home, doing activities that relax your mind. Meetings with loved ones are now moving at home and are much more intimate and warm!

Invite your best friends and family members to have relaxing evenings and fun weekends! Prepare your smart home easily and quickly with the scenarios you’ve created for various activities:

  • select movie viewing mode: with two quick button presses create the ideal atmosphere – turn on the ambient lights in the right color and at minimum intensity (Wi-Fi Smart RGB light strips will definitely make a sensation among your guests). The music in the background stops, the usual lights turn off and now you can watch your favorite movies!
  • choose the scene for a cooking session: cooking can be so fun with friends! Long press the smart button in the kitchen and prepare the right environment for a beautiful cooking day: the lights turn on at high intensity, your favorite playlist starts and accompanies you.
  • quickly choose the scenario for unexpected guests: you’ve got some unexpected friends at the door? No problem! With a few actions on a smart button the lights turn on at medium intensity to make the living room welcoming, and so will the pleasant music in the background.

What smart ideas do you choose for smart home ? How do you make your autumn days more enjoyable ?

The coming of autumn should be a cause for joy: the wonderful colors, the fresh air, the leaves that rustle under our feet, the warm sweaters and the comfortable blankets are here to stay! Now you have the right solution to forget the dreary and cold weather: the smart devices from www.myL2.ro come to help you!  

Do you want an improved quality of living ? Don’t think anymore! Choose smart kits or smart components that suit your needs: lightsbuttonssensorsplugsrelays.

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