Zigbee Motion Sensor

Zigbee Motion Sensor

Increase the security in your smart home with the Zigbee Motion and Illumination Sensor! It has a minimalist design and can be placed on either walls or different surfaces.

smart home motion presence light level sensor xiaomi aqara zigbee


  • Sensor that detects motion at a distance of up to 7 meters and at an angle of 170 degrees, including in the dark.
  • Shows light intensity in lux.
  • Wireless, connectable with a Zigbee HUB (Xiaomi / Aqara Gateway, Samsung SmartThings, etc).
  • Portable, it can be mounted anywhere (adhesive included) or placed on the furniture.
  • Includes a CR2450 battery.
  • Operating temperature -10 – +45 degrees Celsius.
  • Operating humidity 0 – 95% relative humidity.
smart home motion presence light level sensor xiaomi aqara zigbee

How can the smart motion sensor help you?

  • receive notifications: when you are not at home and the sensor detects movement, you immediately receive an alert on your phone;
  • reduce power consumption and save money: you can reduce your electricity bill by using this smart sensor. You can reduce the brightness or stop the smart bulbs when no movement is detected for a longer period of time;
  • protect your home and family: the sensor can be positioned in the direction of windows or doors, and triggers an alarm when it detects movement, if it is connected to a siren;
  • you create complex scenarios:
    • the moment the sensor detects the presence of movement in the room, the lights turn on;
    • when the sensor detects a lack of movement for more than 30 minutes, it reduces the lighting intensity of light to 50% and after one hour, completely turn off the smart bulbs;
    • you can choose to turn on the light only if the room is dark (under a certain level of light intensity);
    • you can set the light to start after a period of several seconds from the moment movements is detected in the room, so the light does not turn on for no reason when you are quickly passing by a room; or turn it off a few seconds after you exit.
smart home motion presence light level sensor xiaomi aqara zigbee

It’s easy to make your home smart!
Use state-of-the-art tech and turn your home into an smart home.

Add a Zigbee Motion Sensor, it brings new and cool benefits to you, your family and your home!

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