Zigbee door and window sensor

Zigbee door and window sensor

Use the Zigbee door and window sensor to increase the security for your family and smart home.

This sensor detects if the doors and / or windows open or close.

Worry less about unwanted intruders and live a more relaxing life!

door window smart sensor xiaomi aqara zigbee


  • Wireless, connectable with a Zigbee HUB (Xiaomi / Aqara Gateway, Samsung SmartThings, etc.).
  • Open contact detection distance approx. 22 millimeters.
  • Can be mounted anywhere (adhesive strips included).
  • Includes a CR1632 battery.
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +50 degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity: 0 to 95 percent relative humidity.

How can the door and window sensor help you?

  • receive notifications: when you are not at home and the sensor detects that a window or door has been opened, you immediately receive an alert on your phone or you can choose to trigger an alarm if a siren is connected;
  • protect valuable goods: the sensor can be used for any system with a closing and opening system. In this way, your safe or the jewelry box will be secure;
  • take care of your family’s health: very useful for all family members! A smart sensor placed on the medicine cabinet helps with monitoring the pills you take daily. In case you forget to take your pills within a certain time interval, you will receive a notification on your phone;
  • prevent accidents: put the sensor on the door of the cabinet with cleaning solutions or dangerous utensils that could hurt children or the elderly. When the door opens, you will receive an alert on the phone;
  • you can create complex scenarios:
    • the moment you open the door and enter the house, the light turns on;
    • if you forget to close the window, you receive a notification on the phone when you leave the house;
    • in case the refrigerator door remains open for more than one minute, you receive an alert.

It’s easy to make your home smart!
Use state-of-the-art tech and turn your house into an smart home.

Add a Zigbee Door and Window Sensor, it brings new and cool benefits to you, your family and your home!

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