Wi-Fi temperature and humidity sensor

Wi-Fi temperature and humidity sensor

Increase the comfort level at home! Use a Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Sensor that allows you to easily monitor temperature and humidity values ​​for an improved lifestyle!


  • experience comfort according to your needs and you enjoy a healthier life!
  • works both online (connected to the cloud) and offline;
  • you don’t depend on a Hub;
  • modern design: the sensor is small, practical, portable and with a minimalist design. It fits in any room and is imperceptible!
  • application control: connect the Shelly sensor to the Shelly Cloud mobile application available for Android and iOS or use the web interface. Enjoy a modern experience with the available options!
    • set alarms for low / high values ​​of temperature and humidity, create charts per day / week / month / year, create a dynamic program after the sun (depending on the time of sunrise and sunset), check the battery percentage.


  • can detect temperatures between -40- and +60 degrees Celsius (+/- 1 degree Celsius);
  • detects humidity over a range of 0 – 100% relative humidity (+/- 0.5 percent);
  • the CR123A battery can last up to 18 months.
  • portable, can be mounted anywhere or placed on furniture;
  • does NOT include a battery (CR123A).

Choose a modern lifestyle! Upgrade your home and experience a new level of comfort with a Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

Add other smart sensors to your home and make your life easier!

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