Smart Home friendly with children

Smart Home friendly with children

Are you a parent who’s thinking about protecting your children as best you can when you’re busier in the house or when you’re resting ?

You can manage this in an easier way with home automations – an extra help for you and your kids if you make the choices that represent you best.

What are the ways in which your home becomes friendlier to the little ones ?

Remote protection

Caring for the little one’s sleep

You want to take care of the housework without worrying about the little one ? A vibration sensor will help you a lot! Get rid of your worries when your baby’s alone in the crib.

Does the little one have a restless sleep ? Did he wake up out the blue and needs you? The vibration sensor will alert you in time! You can do your day-to-day chores at home without having as much to worry about. In the moment the sensor detects a vibration, you will receive an alert on your phone.

Protection for curious children

Every child is full of curiosity and wants to discover every corner of the house. If you want to protect your child more, choose to use the smart plugs.

The smart plugs can be easily turned off via your mobile phone from wherever you are! You can protect your curious babies, but also your older children. When the power plant room door opens, turn off the power and send a notification to your phone!


Take care of your child’s health so that he or she can enjoy a life as free of various respiratory problems as possible. Give your child a comfortable environment to spend time in.

Use a temperature and humidity sensor to monitor temperature and humidity values: a humidity of 40-60% and a temperature a little lower than that suitable for adults 18°C-20°C (temperature varies depending on the season).

Routines for an easier life

In the morning we are often on the run especially when we prepare the children for kindergarten or school. In the evening fatigue takes hold of you and it may be harder to help the little ones fall asleep.

To enjoy an easier life with your children, you can create a few scenarios for every moment of the day so you can simplify some routines.

Choose a special smart routine for weekdays and for the weekend you can set a different routine. Be inventive!

  • in the morning set the light to turn on so that the little ones can wake up more easily;
  • choose when to turn on/off the smart plugs for TV or other household appliances;
  • if your children come home from school when you’re still at work, you can create a special routine for them:
    • turn on the light in the rooms where the motion sensors detect the presence;
    • choose an hour when children can watch TV;
    • turn off the plugs that your childern might be poking around out of curiosity;
    • you get alerts if any door / window opens without your will.

What are the smart routines that would make your parenting easier ? Do you think home automation has a positive impact on you and your children ?

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