Mini Juice Blender

Mini Juice Blender

Do you have a busy life and are you always on the go ? Feeling like you’re not eating as healthy as you used to ?

A Mini Juice Blender can help you a lot when you want to get your daily dose of vitamins wherever you are. It is a simple on the go solution suited for you and your family members.

mini juice blender xiaomi deerma

Small and portable, this 300mL blender is perfect for quickly preparing a healthy drink, a milkshake or baby food. Whether you are at home, at the office or on a trip, you have a way to make you life healthier.

This mini blender can prepare up to 6 cups of juice with a fully charged battery so you can use it more than once and enjoy healthy drinks anywhere you are.

Standard charging time is approx. 3 hours. Can be charged with a portable battery or 5V USB car charger.

mini juice blender xiaomi deerma

Ideal for:

  • work;
  • gym;
  • travel;
  • picnic;
  • baby food.

Operating mode:

Insert the contents (cut into cubes), close the lid tightly and turn the blender with the clear half upwards, press the on/off button and gently shake the blender. Press the on/off button again to turn off.

mini juice blender xiaomi deerma


  • power: 45W;
  • capacity: 300mL;
  • 4 blades, 18000rpm;
  • battery: 1200mAh, rechargeable via micro-USB (5V), cable included;
  • easy to wash and clean.

You don’t have to make big efforts to have a healthier life, just make more intelligent choices.

mini juice blender xiaomi deerma

Get the Mini Juice Blender from Xiaomi and take care of your and your family member’s health in an easy way, wherever you are.

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