Home Automations for a better sleep

Home Automations for a better sleep

Most of our days are extremely busy and stressful so rest is extremely important. At the end of the day you want a sleep as peaceful as possible and for this you will have to take into account some important aspects.

Do you want to have a simple routine before falling asleep ? Home Automations will help you!

Enjoy a peaceful and carefree sleep with smart components that will make your life much easier.

Contol the house from a distance

You’re already in bed and you don’t feel like getting up to turn off the light in another room or checking if all the doors/windows are closed.

With intelligent technology now you can control the entire house with an app on your phone. It’s very easy to turn off the lights in other rooms and make sure that there is no window or door left open.

Also, when something pops up, you can choose to receive notifications on your mobile phone or even be notified by an alarm.

To control everything remotely you need a Hub that suits your needs, smart buttons and possibly a mobile phone. It depends on your preferences and needs.

Use smart lights

Choose smart bulbs for your home! It’s easy to schedule a routine through the app. Smart bulbs connect to a Hub that allows you to control smart components.

Use smart buttons that allow you to give commands to the bulbs in an instant.

Do you want to reduce the brightness in the room when you’re in bed ? Make a single click on the button mounted on the nightstand. Do you want to go to bed and turn off all the lights in the house ? Double tap quickly on the button. It’s extremely easy to play smart when you have the technology!

You can create a series of scenarios that make your sleep more enjoyable:

  • fall asleep more easily when the light in the room will gradually change from maximum to minimum intensity;
  • when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom it will be more pleasant for a diffuse light to light up to help you. For that, you also need motion sensors.

Monitor temperature and humidity values

A quiet sleep needs the right conditions. We’re reffering to the degree of temperature and relative humidity in a room.

Make sure the temperature and humidity have the right values so you can rest. Use a temperature and humidity sensor to track what the values in your bedroom are.

Wake up much more refreshed and full of energy!

Choose smart solutions for family security

Eliminate overnight worries with door/window sensors. Take care of the security of your family and your home!

A door/window sensor will help you know if the windows or doors have remained open or open overnight. Stop worrying about intruders and enjoy a carefree sleep!

If a window opens, you receive an alert on the phone. You can even use a Smart Siren that will sound an alarm when the door or window opens without your will.

Take care of the safety of the house

If you’re used to worrying a lot when you put your head on the pillow, now you can definitely cut something off the list! Use a water leak / flood sensor that will help you react as fast as possible if a fire, flood or water leak occurs.

Equally useful is the smoke detector and alarm that will be of good help in case smoke is detected in the room in which it’s mounted.

Now there are many intelligent solutions for you to enjoy a restful sleep and have comfort that suits your needs! Make the choices that represent you best!

What smart components do you want to use to get a good night’s sleep? Leave us your ideas in the comments!

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