Automate using iOS, HomeKit and an NFC Tag

Automate using iOS, HomeKit and an NFC Tag

Here’s how you can use a 25mm self-adhesive NFC Tag to control devices and scenarios using your iPhone.

You need iOS 13+ for this, the iPhone Xs/Xr/11/11 Pro do not require any extra apps!

Step 1, install and open the Shortcuts app.
Step 2, go to the Automation tab, press the add (+) button, choose ‘Create Personal Automation’.
Step 3, scroll to Settings and select ‘NFC’, then press ‘Scan’ and give the tag a name.
Step 4, click ‘Next’ and ‘Add Action’, search for ‘Home’ and choose one of the HomeKit or ‘Control … (location name) routines’.
(tip: after choosing a device or scene, long press to change the state)
Step 5, add any commands you want.
Step 6, press ‘Done’ when finished.

Automation examples:

  • Arm the house when you leave. Stick the tag in a comfortable place, inside your house. Add an automation with a delay of 30 seconds, then arming the home.
  • Disarm the house when you arrive. Stick the tag in a hidden place, outside the house but away from rain and snow. Add an automation to disarm, WITH CONFIRMATION.
  • Open/close the garage door when you arrive/leave. Stick the tag in the car, in a place where you can’t tap it by mistake with your phone (ceiling, left side of the dashboard, etc.). Add an automation depending on the condition of the garage door, if it is closed then open it and vice versa.
  • Easily switch the house to night mode (arm-stay). Stick the tag somewhere near your bed. Add an automation to change the house to night mode.

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