7 Types of Users that invest in Home Automation

7 Types of Users that invest in Home Automation

Investing in Home Automation to have a better life has gradually become a choice for many people. Although intelligent technology has advanced a lot and there are many users that use new technologies, but there are still some ignorant or skeptical ones out there.

Who are the users who have a smart home ?

At first glance it may seem that all users are the same, but of course they’re not. We can find a variety of users that are adepts of modern technology, each with personal preferences and a different perception of the principles of home automation.

Among the most common users are the following:

1. The technology-loving user

Technology lovers are the ones who buy smart gadgets for their home only after they’ve made a more complete analysis of them. Being devoted to technology and enthusiastic about new products, they like to make purchases based on their needs, and also on the functions of products.

If you enjoy looking almost daily specialized sites, blogs and forums, looking for new details about home automation, you are surely a technology enthusiast!

2. The parent user

When you have children or a large family, you put accent on your family’s safety. When you tend to invest more in smart components designed to help you in this regard, you are more than likely a parent user.

Use a vibration sensor to find out when your child has woken up, install a smoke detector and alarm or a door / window sensor to know your family members are safe.

3. The user that is always in trend

This type of user is often interested in having everything that is new on the market. Whether he has knowledge or not of new products, he likes to have at home the latest technologies.

Usually this user is raving or simply has the attraction for what’s new, whether he understands its role completely or not. When he hears about a new gadget, he buys it immediately without searching too much information about its functions.

4. The always busy user

Do you have an extremely chaotic life and time is important to you ? Certainly smart technology has made an important change in your home.

Most of the time, a user who has a demanding job or other time consuming activities, has to create an environment that makes his life easier at home or at the office : for example, smart light bulbs that turn off after no motion is detected in a room or you can easily control lights with smart buttons.

5. The explorer user

Are you eager to try various smart components for your home regardless of the brand ? Are you always looking for the technology that would suit you best even if it means investing time and money ? You are probably amongst the explorer types of users, eager to experiment with gadgets until they discover something they like.

6. The creative user

Do you have a passion for DIY projects ? Do you like to be a handy type person around the house and apply your skills even in the tech field ? Welcome to the creative users club!

Usually this user is a perfectionist. He likes to see how a smart component works, he takes it appart, reassembles it, improves it and automates his house as he pleases. If he has a few smart relays at home, he surely must have tinkerd on them to obtain something better!

7. The hesitant user

When you’re a little undecided with the idea of ​​home automation even if you learn about the many benefits of this technology, you may be a hesitant user.

You are often asking a specialists for details about the role of smart components, you even watch out for discounts and even then you don’t seem convinced of your investment / acquisition. You tend to look for minuses instead of seeing the many pluses that a smart home would bring you.

These would be the main users who invest in home automation. Are you among them or are you another type of user?

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