10 reasons for Automating your Home

10 reasons for Automating your Home

We live in the age of technology when almost anything is possible. Now you can make a lot of beneficial changes for your life: save valuable time and improve the quality of your life with the help of modern technology!

Intelligent technology has reached a new level: it’s now integrated in your home to make your tasks easier. Home automation is gradually becoming a necessity, being a vision for the ideal home of the future.

Choose the concept of the smart home and you can always stay connected with everything that happens in your house, wherever you are!

No doubt that you’re wondering what the benefits of an automated house are! There are so many that there’s a good chance you’d quickly want an upgrade for your home!

We’ve chosen for you the reasons for automating your home and we’re curious which represent you the best:

1. More time doing what you love

With the push of a button, you can now control various smart devices and accessories in your home! It’s very easy to save time by simplifying usual actions such as: turning the lights on / off, arming / disarming the house and many more.

Each of us is running from one place to another so time is always limited. Why not save precious time ?

2. Another level of Comfort

Experience a new level of comfort and control with the help of the automations in your home! Use your smartphone or tablet and have full control over your home and enjoy the convenience that an automation system offers you.

You no longer have to walk from one switch to another: you can easily give multiple commands using smart buttons, turn off the light in the room you’re in with a click, turn off the lights in the rest of the house with a double-click.

Create complex scenarios: you set a low brightness when watching a movie; when you open the door, the light in the hallway turns on automatically; when you enter the bathroom, the light turns on automatically and turns off when you leave; use your imagination – the possibilities are endless!

3. Improved Security

A window or a door has been opened and you’re not at home or maybe you’re asleep ? Whatever the reason, you’ll receive an alert on your phone as soon as possible. You can even set the alarm using smart speakers or a siren!

Your home and family are much safer! You need smart sensors that take home security into account.

4. Save money

Do you want to reduce your electricity bill ? The initial investment in a smart home may seem big, but it will pay off faster than you think!

Control the lighting system, heating or other current consuming devices, according to your needs or according to their presence and need. This way you enjoy an important benefit: the reduction of current consumption and electricity bill! Choose to consume smart and efficient!

5. Have control, wherever you are!

Do you want to enjoy a quiet vacation ? Now you have this possibility! Remote home monitoring is the practical choice for you.

Whether you’re at the market, at work or on vacation, distance doesn’t matter! Always be aware of everything that happens at home in your absence.

Do you have a neighbour who helps you with your daily chores when you’re away ? Now you don’t have to worry so much: you open / close the door remotely, without fearing that he’ll lose your key or that he’ll stay an unwanted amount of time in your home.

You can also easily control the house from wherever you are: set the right scenario, the desired temperature / humidity, light bulbs, turn on or off devices etc., according to your needs.

6. Less worries

Are you the type of person who always forgets something when leaving the house ? Are you afraid that you have left the lights on, that you haven’t unplugged the iron or that the TV is still on ?

Is there a water leak in your bathroom ? A Zigbee Water Leak / Flood Sensor will help you! Has smoke been detected in the kitchen ? Choose a Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detector and alarm, Zigbee and worry less!

Always be connected to your smart home wherever you are. As soon as you leave the perimeter of the house, you’ll receive alerts when something goes wrong.

Check everything you’re interested in by using your phone! Get rid of stress and take care of the safety of your home and family.

7. Take care of your family

We all put family safety first! Children and the elderly that are left alone at home may need extra help when you’re not there.

Automate your home and stay calm when you’re away from home! You can remotely customize the house according to the needs, habits and lifestyle of the little ones, the elderly or those with disabilities: use a door / window sensor installed on the door of the medicine cabinet to know if your mother has taken her pills or to find out if the door of a certain room has opened, use a vibration sensor installed on the children’s bed to know when they wake up.

8. Enjoy a healthier life

Your house is the place where you and your family spend quite a lot of time. Create at home the environment in which you can feel as comfortable as possible and that allows you to lead a healthier life.

The comfort of your home depends a lot on temperature and relative humidity. Improper values ​​can cause allergies and respiratory illnesses or can negatively affect sleep so you’ll often be without energy and zest for life.

Find out if the relative temperature and humidity values ​​are optimal. Smart technology can easily help you! Add a temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display and you’ll feel how your comfort improves!

9. Protect the enviroment

The home automation system allows you to avoid excessive electricity consumption when you’re at home, but also when you’re away. The environment will have something to win from your decision, and so will the economy! In time, you’ll have a different and beneficial view of your life and responsibilities.

10. The value of your house increases

Transforming your home into an intelligent one only brings you benefits! Over time, the value of the house will increase and you’ll only be gaining. A Smart Home is the choice for the future, but you can start enjoying it now!

Stop thinking! Automate your home and make the first investments for your future!

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