How to make a dehumidifier smart

Cum faci un dezumidificator sa fie inteligent - Hubitat Dashboard

Hi everyone! What you need:– A Hubitat Elevation Hub (can also be done with SmartThings)– A Humidity sensor (Bathroom TH)– A Dehumidifier with the auto-restart feature plugged into a smart plug (Dehumidifier SW)– A Virtual Dimmer (Dehumidifier) – can be shared to Alexa and/or Google Home– 3 Rule Machine 4.0+ rules Use cases:– Run a … Read more How to make a dehumidifier smart

Touch water pumps

tsd touch water pumps xiaomi xiaoda

Use the touch water pump from Xiaomi and simplify your life! The two models of water pumps, simple or with a TDS water quality display, are a perfect choice for the office and also for your home. A fast alternative to pump water and also an eco-friendly choice. The touch water pump can be installed … Read more Touch water pumps